Custom creations are always a luxury and a privilege. Reflecting your personality to the universe in the same way it stunningly reflects the light, each Ciufoli high jewellery piece is made-to-order. Taking it to the next level of exclusivity the jewellery house offers a unique Bespoke Service with Creative Director Giacomo Ciufoli channelling all of his skills, sensitivity, and talent into the creation of a jewel made just for you.

Whether you want to pay homage to an heirloom gem you already own or you are counting on Ciufoli’s expertise in global treasure-hunting, your chosen precious stone is destined to become the centrepiece in a unique couture custom jewellery design. For Ciufoli, what follows is a highly artistic endeavour. It is not about selling or creating an object, but it’s about creating an emotion and writing down your own story.

In this process, Giacomo Ciufoli is determined to see beyond your personal preferences in colour, form, and texture. He goes deep into your storyline, dreams, desires, and vision. This is what he always does; discussing with his clients matters beyond technical possibilities and looking for the areas where one’s personal journey meets the house’s signature aesthetics. It’s about getting to know each other and finding common aesthetic grounds.

Rare story-telling jewellery with a perfectionist edge that celebrates diversity in art, history, nature, and humanity is the ultimate mission for Ciufoli. “Jewellery is a subject that has ultimately seduced me. It’s something that is very close to the person, it’s very close to women; it’s a world of magic, desire, dreams, and can truly embody a lot of meaning to the wearer,” he explains.

Born to an Italian father and a Russian mother in the cosmopolitan Adelaide, South Australia’s coastal capital, Creative Director Giacomo Ciufoli, with a previous brief career in aviation, has been brought up in appreciating cultural richness across the world and the quality of slow living inherent in the Piedmont region of Italy on the foothills of Alps where his origins lay. Italy’s finest such as the vibrant lifestyle of Rome, the posh nature of Florence and its Renaissance past, inspired him to commit to honest luxury.

The colours of the wondrous landscapes he has visited and the textures of the skies he has crossed translate into handmade jewellery of immense tangible beauty. Establishing the unique concept of custom jewellery in Australia that carries the credentials of Italian craftsmanship is the result of the founder’s sophisticated eccentricity and artistic sensibilities.

Founded in 2017 Ciufoli is constantly training their skilled Italian-based artisans in the latest techniques at the same time staying true to tradition. In their elegant workshop countless hours are dedicated to perfecting custom made jewellery in terms of performance and aesthetics.

The goal is to come up with jewellery that offers wearability and versatility adjusted to each client’s personal style and way of living. From the first sketches to the designer’s three-dimensional digital model, the hand carved wax prototype, and the final piece, checks are repeated with passion, precision, and patience leading to an exceptionally flawless creation. Gem setting is the most demanding stage and one that adds great value to each piece. Materials have been meticulously selected to further guarantee an impeccable result. 18K gold is strategically mixed with other elements to achieve a beautiful yellow, white, or rose shade. Guarded formulas and polishing techniques are credited for extraordinary sheen that lasts generations.

Perfectly finished 950 platinum, gems of utmost brilliance, even ultra-strong forged carbon resulting from innovations in woven carbon fiber compounds used in the automotive industry, are now at the disposal of your inner creativity. Custom rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other compelling items will effortlessly put your personality across.

Ciufoli commits to sustainability via reduced environmental footprint manufacturing. They are sourcing magnificent certified conflict-free diamonds and materials that adhere to ethical practices and international regulations.

Believing in innovation that comes from collective and personal awareness, they are offering you the chance to build your personal statement-making fine jewellery wardrobe. Insured worldwide complementary shipping can really bring bespoke luxury to your doorstep.